Coach and psychologist working with individuals who want to set goals, develop competencies and position themselves differently. I work with mothers who suffer from guilt or shame for not living up to cultural expectations.Group facilitator and trainer working with groups of mothers who want to develop their confidence, tackle their challenges in their working and/or personal lives, and ask for support.


Public speaker on the topics of mother guilt, the historical rise of motherhood discourses and their effects on individuals, the experience of mothers of “different”children, the experience of being different, excluded and living on a different planet.


Passionate defender of mothers, working mothers, mothers of children with diagnosed learning difficulties, like ADHD, mothers of children with Variations of Sexual Development, mothers suffering from exhaustion.


Executive coach working with individuals in organisations (companies, non-governmental organisations) who want to develop leadership competencies, influencing strategies and find work-life balance.


Professional working experience

I started my career in people development in the hotel industry in 1980 and moved to the high tech industry where I expanded the range of work to organizational development. I left full-time employment in 1993 and started working for a range of mainly multinational companies in various industry sectors (high-tech, audit, finance and banking, pharmaceutical, luxury watchmaking, food, and United Nations agencies, and non-governmental organisations).


My toolbox of skills and approaches

I added various people development skills (e.g.coaching) and organizational approaches (Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search conference, World Café) along the way for the benefit of my clients. I studied psychology and received a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. I trained in, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Voice Dialogue, Family Constellations and Non-Violent Communication including Restorative Circles. I completed my auto-ethnographic Ph.D. in 2013 with the Taos-Tilburg program, with a social constructionist perspective, entitled The social construction of a mother’s identity amidst the confluence of motherhood discourses. I am currently finishing my diploma in Narrative Therapy with the Institute of Narrative Therapy UK.


Personal information

I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I have Swiss and British nationalities. I’m married. I have two children who are now young adults.